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"He was very kind and understanding throughout all the sessions. He made me feel at ease and I felt I was able to share anything that was coming up for me because there was a mutual trust between us. I would highly recommend his service"   S.W.

"Colin made it ok for me to Express myself. I felt so relaxed with him. He was so brilliant and made my life much better. I felt he gave me the confidence to carry on. I will definitely in the future go back again. I feel my problems are definitely halved when I have spoken to him. He has done an amazing job, and he has helped me so much, out of such a bad place. He is so easy to talk to and is so empathetic and understanding. These are all fantastic qualities in a counsellor. He helped me help myself and that is an amazing and priceless gift. As soon as I started talking to Colin I couldn't stop, throughout the sessions he let me decide what to talk about and let me decide everything. He was so different to the counsellors I have spoken to before. Thanks to Colin I am in a much better place now. I am forever grateful."  J. L.

"To Colin, just wanted to say a massive thank you! for all your help over the past few months you have helped me on so many levels I can' tell you! You've turned things around for me so much, many thanks R."    R. N. 

"I tried counselling many years ago and decided it wasn't for me, however on my doctors recommendation and several friends I thought I would try it again, never in my life had I felt so low so I really didn't have anything to loose. The first time I met Colin I was shocked at how at ease he made me feel straight away I think I just cried for the entire hour(and I don't do tears!) getting out of bed some days was such an achievement, but over the next 18 months he has gradually helped me put myself back together into a person I thought I'd lost and would never get back - me!! I've had several other curve balls thrown throughout my time in counselling with Colin a big health scare being one, but his patience and skill has helped me so much I honestly can say I'm a convert. The pain of my loss is still with me but Colin has given me the tools to now start to live my life and actually enjoy it again and for that I am truly thankful."   K. R.

" Colin seems to me to have an exceptional gift for putting people at their ease. Not just in terms of the session, but afterwards, you find he’s helped you to see things more clearly and from a different perspective. I was referred to Colin after losing my partner. I was grieving and for various reasons had had to move house and find a new job. I felt my life was in complete turmoil but during the sessions with Colin, I had time to think, talk and cry and to have his calm presence, occasionally suggesting I looked at things from a different angle, occasionally agreeing with me. I found the sessions cathartic, calming and in another way stimulating, as Colin suggested some reading I wouldn’t otherwise have come across, so that helped me to learn and grow. The time may come when I need that kind of support again and if it does, I would have no hesitation in contacting Colin. "   J. W.

" As a woman suffering from cptsd and other mental health issues during lockdown I was in a relationship and he abused me and brought up my old trauma. My sister and family recommended Colin and it was frightening at first because he was a "man" I thought he couldn't understand or help so I was incredibly weary at first but he is absolutely amazing! He's very calm and patient which was fantastic for me as I'm very skittish. Our session was 8 weeks and during that time I've been given tools to be able to calm myself and relax, even though I am not fully healed I am on that path so I will definitely recommend!"  S. Q.


"I reached out to Colin to get personal guidance after having read his very well-written book, No Path to Enlightenment. And I am glad I did ! I was a lost spiritual seeker, confused and quite disoriented by modern non-duality teachings out there. In a very gentlemanly and sincere manner, Colin offered a balanced, practical, mature, and ultimately wise perspective, borne out of his own life experience and extensive studies of both traditional and modern teachings. His guidance has made a palpable positive impact on my attitude and my life." M.D

Counselling in Present Moment Awareness

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