"Rarely has a writer produced such a work as this; sublime, honest and devastating. By devastating I’m referring to our emptiness that washes away all our stories. The prose is so clear and precise and we are reminded to stop any further buildup of our egos, and instead start to recognize our craziness via our personal stories and selfishness.
We are emptiness and emptiness is form, we are free."

"This is the BEST book on non-duality I’ve read!! Too many books go into and stay in rhetoric, which is the opposite of non-duality and locks you into duality. This book clearly acknowledges the fact that, as they say, you should look at the moon and not at the finger pointing towards it, or as they say, the map is not the territory. And the author gives some helpful practices to (not stay in your head but to) go beyond the intellect into the space of nothingness (where freedom resides)."


"This is something I will constantly read. Great book! Something to definitely put into practice. The truth is kind of disappointing but free...kind of exciting but not!"

"Not just a Game-Changer... a LIFE -Changer!

I’ve read a lot of similar books on spirituality and non-duality. This one is the best by far! There is no close second! Easy to get through and understand; a way of looking at your life in a way others have tried to put into words but have been unable to in such a clear and concise way."

"Eye opening to one's true self. 
This is a book that's hard to put down once you open it. All I can say is Very revealing"

"The deepest understanding of reality. In the most straightforward prose, Colin McMorran puts forward his understanding of our deepest reality. He references the disciplines of psychology, religion and philosophy, but keeps on returning to advaita to help him share his conclusions.
Colin McMorran is a profound mystic and I'm very glad I read this book."


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Book interview - parts one & two . . 


My hope is to liberate you from the illusionary Self and reveal that you are the stillness beneath - the one ocean that embraces all. If successful, you will no longer be a slave to your thoughts, in fact you will be open to see and hear for the first time; you will be free to experience the world as it is, as opposed to how it has been created through your conditioning and sustained by the illusion of your Self.

This is, in the truest sense of the word, freedom. Freedom from your ingrained thought patterns, freedom from the defensive ego, freedom from the constraint of being what you think you should be, and freedom from anger, guilt, depression and sadness. You are not a separate person experiencing consciousness; you are consciousness experiencing a separate person, consciousness is the underlying reality.

We cannot control or make sense of our life through concepts, ideas or beliefs. Instead, recognise that the desire to do so comes from an illusion, and if you ask what will you do without belief in your Self, how can you survive, what will happen if the illusionary Self falls away and ‘you’ disappear then know it is the egoic mind clinging to these questions like someone drowning clings to a life raft. Whenever there is the faintest possibility of freedom from the Self these fears about a future without a story arise. Freedom is frightening because the Self believes it will lose control and autonomy, when in fact freedom is the realisation that it does not have control or autonomy. The person clinging to their life raft is dreaming – in reality they are actually safe in bed clinging to pillows, upon awakening there will be a huge sense of relief mixed with amusement. Just as in the nightmare, there is often a faint sense that it is unreal, so too in the daily dream of life a deeper truth is often sensed.

Having a sweet taste of Enlightenment is not the same as being Enlightened, just as tasting the sweetness of honey is not the same as being honey – if it’s sweetness you desire, realise that honey cannot taste itself  




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