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Personal Transformation
Therapy online

Working online means I can potentially connect with anyone (English speaking) worldwide. I am currently working with people across the US, Canada, Europe, UK, North Africa and Asia

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You've no doubt heard some of the following terms before: life-coaching, spiritual-direction, life-skills, self-enquiry, well-being, mindfulness, mentoring, personal guidance. Well, Personal Transformation Therapy will go deeper and involve, among other things, philosophical, metaphysical and ontological enquiry - the nature of existence, being and becoming - what it means to be human, what it means to be you.

Sessions will explore the relative world of being 'you': Who you believe you are, who you would like to be, where you are going in life, how you’ve arrived here, how you would like your future to unfold, what you want to aim at, what makes you happy, your passions, what you value, what’s broken in your life - how you believe you can fix it and where you would start.

Personal Transformation Therapy, while recognising all the above, focuses instead upon present moment awareness through self-enquiry. Self-enquiry is the constant attention to the inner awareness of "I" or "I am" used to help people learn about themselves and the ways they interact with the world and others around them.

I will meet you at your current level of conscious awareness. So whether you are just starting to question yourself and the life you are living or have begun cultivating a deeper sense of self-awareness, I will be your guide.

self enquiry

The Self wants to be happy, peaceful and content. It seeks clarity, peace of mind and an end to its suffering. It wants to escape from the daily struggle, to stop simply surviving and to start living, free from self- doubt, anxiety and fear. It wants life to unfold naturally and to embrace uncertainty, change and the unknown, and live the truth, and for life to reflect back that truth. It wants to feel at peace and at one with others, to be free from the fear of death and the constriction it places upon life. It wants to be free from stressful thoughts and live in a still mind.

Rather than trying to satisfy these desires, we need to recognise where they come from – we need to turn inwards because looking externally cannot fulfil these wishes. By repeatedly focusing attention within, the aim is to expose as an illusion that which desires these things, and in so doing free you from your Self. 

In your life, you will have been encouraged to embrace the Self through sayings such as believe in yourself and anything’s possible, which is usually offered as a panacea to self-doubt and lack of confidence. However, such seemingly encouraging statements are part of the reason you find yourself on life’s treadmill as I did, desiring all manner of things and finding fulfilment in none.


Many believe an alternate to believing in one’s Self is surrendering to a higher power, and some religions offer this through the union with God. Belief in God through faith promises salvation and everlasting life, but such apparent surrender can imprison and increase suffering if it comes from a self-fulfilling need – in other words, if it is used to feed the yearnings of the illusionary Self, which unfortunately is usually the case.

Surrender, in the truest sense, is dis-identification with the egoic mind and the collapse of the illusionary Self. Therefore, the truth of your being is not about intellectual conviction or having faith in divinities, nor it is about believing in your Self or in God; it is about relaxing the grip on your story, and resting for a moment between past and future, free from the shackles of history and hope. It is about taking your foot off the gas and slowly coasting to a stop so that you can rest in the eternal present.


Then from that place of pure being, life will flow through you and its unrestricted freedom will open up infinite new possibilities enriching your life and the lives of those around you. 


Personal Transformation Therapy is a one hour session and would typically take place weekly online

via WhatsApp Video, iPhone FaceTime, or Skype. I can work on the telephone if you prefer


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Counselling in Present Moment Awareness

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