I offer a space in which issues that can be difficult to discuss can be explored in a confidential and non-judgemental way.

These issues can include lack of confidence, the breakdown of a relationship, financial worries, grief following loss of a loved one and death anxiety. You may be suffering from depression, low self-esteem or intimacy issues. You may be struggling to find meaning in your life or have a crisis of faith. Perhaps you find yourself repeating negative behaviour patterns but don't understand why and therefore find it difficult to make positive changes. You may have experienced a traumatic childhood event or perhaps you were at the mercy of poor parenting, either through ignorance and neglect or wilful abuse.

The Therapeutic process will go at your pace for as long as you need, tackling difficult subjects when you feel you’re ready. We will be looking below the surface to understand the roots of the problem as well as developing strategies to help you to cope better and interrupt patterns of unhelpful behaviour and ways of thinking. When it feels right we will drop deeper into your psyche and explore your inner world and connect with the core of your being.  

By exploring your own life and how your past experiences have shaped the person you’ve become, you can begin a process of self-realisation and over time self-acceptance. As Carl Rogers said, ‘The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change’. Once we can truly see ourselves we are better able to see others and this can bring about positive change, leading to deeper relationships and a life of meaning and purpose.



Counselling in Present Moment Awareness