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I invite you to taste an underlying truth. All that is required is an open mind and a willingness to enquire within. The illusion of the Self is the belief that you are your thoughts – in other words, the personal identification with the voice in your head, when in reality you are the awareness beneath that constant mind chatter.


Noticing the thoughts rather than attaching to them may seem a subtle change in perspective, but in fact, it is a huge paradigm shift. Once you have taken a step back from your thoughts by not attaching to them, they become like clouds passing across a clear sky. You will notice the interesting patterns and shapes they form as they float by – coming from nothing and returning to nothing, but they cannot touch the background perfection of the azure blue stillness - the Absolute that holds all.

Recognition, at a non-conceptual level, that you are the Absolute giving rise to all things liberates you from the constricted individual Self and sets you free - this intuitive recognition is EnlightenmentLiberation is when there's no one left to recognise they're Enlightened; there's simply an unknowing knowing, an empty fullness - and then words can only point, they can never describe.

An exploration into the world of apparent forms including ourselves.


If I asked ‘who are you?’ you might say ‘I am . . . .’ and give your name, your age, your relationships to others, your profession and perhaps your likes and dislikes.


All these descriptions are the ‘I am’ – they are who you believe you are not what you are. In truth, you are the impersonal ‘I’ before naming.


The ‘I am’ is the illusionary Self, the conditioned mind – who you believe you are. Virtually all your suffering is born from misidentification with this illusionary Self.


Who you are suffers - what you are does not.

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