Online Therapy
I am now providing sessions via telephone, 
iPhone FaceTime,
WhatsApp Video & Zoom (client hosts)
to new and existing clients. 


Counselling services

1 hour session £50

Counselling services
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I am currently working solely online (telephone if preferred) in the privacy of the counselling room. 

Colin McMorran

Counselling online; pros and cons - a personal perspective


Certainly under normal circumstances working with clients in person and sitting in the same room is generally considered the best environment for counselling, however we are all living in unusual times - many of our working practices have had to adapt, and counselling is no exception. Just as other businesses have found benefits to working online so too has the counselling profession.

online therapy

So what’s it like to work online and what are those benefits? After initially being rather sceptical, I am now really enjoying it - in fact I'm a genuine convert, and can honestly say no one is more surprised than me! As for the benefits, there are many: Firstly, there is no travelling cost or travelling time and no need to consider peak hour traffic or timings of public transport. Once the session is over we are already home, so no need for you to face a journey back, which can be a blessing as often the sessions can be quite draining. Secondly, you're not restricted by the geographical location of the particular therapist you may like to work with. You can choose any therapist working online across the length and breadth of the county – indeed across the world if you want to, and therefore have an infinitely larger pool of potential therapists to choose from. 

So yes, sitting opposite someone and sharing the same physical space with the closeness of a private and comfortable counselling room is arguably the best therapeutic environment within which to work, but don’t rule out online therapy because there are the benefits I’ve mentioned and there is an intimacy that, in my experience, can match working face to face.

And on a final note, online therapy is most certainly better than no therapy.

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